Job Start was established in 2004, when the internet was much slower and people relied more on word-of-mouth testimonials and actually used their phones for talking.  Time has passed and we modernized. We now use better computers, faster means of communication. But at our core, we’re still convinced communication is best when people know each other. We don’t believe in machine translations. We do believe in technology. But first of all, we believe in people. Our people are our most precious resource and we derive our expertise from them. We employ top talent and we provide high-quality, professional services. Your data is handled in the most confidential and secure manner. We offer reliability, accuracy and speed. We make it a point of pride to build trust and enjoy long lasting relationships with our clients. We have a simple, two-step philosophy:

  • Do the job right
  • Do the job fast

Most clients come back to us, over and over again, because of this.

We also do this:


In no particular order, a few of our clients:


Our clients come from very diverse venues.
Real Estate





Marketing & PR


Corporate Law


Market Research




IT, Games & Apps


Mining, Gas & Oil

Travel & Tourism


Governmental Bodies

Giving Back

We’re only stewards of our place under the sun. If we get things from others and from nature, we should help by giving some back, if and when we can.

At JobStart we strive to leave as little mess behind us as we can. We try to use recycled materials when we can and support a few causes we believe worthy. From time to time, we will offer a client the opportunity to choose a donation in its name, instead of a deduction from the total due for our services.

We’re very fond of kids and animals. Both categories are totally dependent on us, the “grown-ups” for their care and wellbeing. If you think you’d see yourselves (or your company) willing to donate, even if it’s a little spare time, we ask that you consider these two associations. We’re particularly attached to them as we have checked and found them to be worthy of support.

Salvati Copiii

Salvati Copiii is an NGO founded in 1990 that protects and promotes children rights in Romania.

Romania Animal Rescue

RAR/ASNI is an California Nonprofit Corporation. They opened a chapter in Romania in 2003. They focus on spay/neuter campaigns and offer training for local vets.